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Upgrade vs. Buy? Cloud vs. Server storage? Security? Expansion? These are a few of the toughest decisions our clients have today emphasizing a need for affordability. With ATPM unparalleled customer focus, we dig deep into the functional requirements of the business by analysing and optimizing the costs and benefits associated with each option. Factoring in the total cost of ownership, our articulate model facilitates and streamlines the entire process for our clients.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Big Data

Big Data

Big Data is relevant to customer performance management in the following ways: Gaining insights (e.g. about customers’ preferences) which can then be used to improve marketing and sales, thus increasing profits and shareholders’ wealth. Forecasting better (e.g. customer’s future spending patterns, when machines will need replacing) so that more appropriate decisions can be made. ATPM automating of high level business processes (eg scanning documents) which can lead to organisations becoming more efficient.  

Virtualization and Backup

Virtualization and Backup

We are experts in VMware configuration, as well as all VMware support after the software has been launched, and we can help migrate your servers or manage your entire virtualized system depending on your needs.  

Organizations are turning to backup-as-a-service to eliminate the heavy-lifting of running data protection in house. Despite the obvious benefits, this is not a decision taken lightly. That’s where ATPM comes in. we offer a wide range of deployment architectures, management options, pricing packages and value added services that can be tailored to your unique business needs. 

Performance Management

KPI Performance Management

ATPM combines long-standing expertise and service excellence with advanced equipment solutions. Where many manufacturers are building out product offerings to include variable speed and digital control, we are focused on managing the customer vision in order to ensure that it meets its objectives. 

Network and Security

Network and Security

ATPM provide complete IT services related to secure network setup and design services, handling everything from planning to hardware procurement to implementation. We can help you design a completely new infrastructure that will be able to grow with your business, or modify your existing network to better serve your current needs with proper configuration and preventative security measures.

Office Setup New/Move

Move or relocation office setup

When setting up a new office, you need to structure your IT infrastructure correctly to support growth and expansion in the future. We provide a free IT health check providing a list of recommendations that suits your business needs whilst minimizing the total cost of ownership. When transferring to a new office, we would ensure a smooth transition with minimal operational disruption.  

Software as a Service

Software Development and Services

ATPM provide advance and secure Software as as Services. This tradition to innovate has enabled us to understand that today’s leading web software technologies can deliver tangible benefits to our clients. 

ATPM SaaS solutions enable our clients to reap the rewards of new technologies whilst maintaining the value in their previous investments. We empower through new technologies, deliver the full promise of true Software as a Service and above all understand our customers business needs to deliver rapid and provable ROI. 

Network Cabling

Network Cabling

ATPM provides businesses with the best in complete communications solutions, tailored to meet customers individual requirements. 

1. Premises Cabling

2. Racks Cabling

3. Data Centre Cabling

4. Office and Campus Cabling

5. Network Switches and Wireless Cabling

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