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We aspire to be the best in all we do, inspiring the confidence and ambition that enable our staff and customers to reach their full technology's potential.  

IT should not just be seen as a tool that enables the day-to-day running of the business. As a matter of fact, IT can help a business grow in a number of key areas, such as developing new revenue streams, streamlining processes, increasing efficiency, and increasing cost competitiveness. Furthermore, IT can enable the creation of a crucial network between partners, clients, or even employees.


Improve the customer experience, Develop high-quality systems and infrastructure, improve the quality of research applications and improve the quality of service for the customers.  

Our Mission

We are imaginative and resourceful, thriving in an environment that values independent thought and encourages originality and innovation amongst its staff and customers. 

We are committed to the highest standards. 

ATPM Smart Applications

ATPM Garage Management Solution

Garage Management Solution GMS

ATPM Garage Management System is an innovative new communications platform to create job cards with click of button and stress-free. Connect to your employees, customers and management with email and notifications.  All the reports, invoices are available in electronic format and your customer can view invoice as soon as they are raised.  Get free Samsung Tablet today.

ATPM Business Management Solution

Business Management Solution FMS

ATPM Business Management Solution is one complete solution. Managing every aspect of your business and gives you visibility and control over your inventory, financial reporting and customer/supplier information. All the reports, invoices are available in electronic format and your customer can view invoice as soon as they are raised. Get free Business Management Solution today.

ATPM Finance Management Solution

Finance Management Solution FMS

ATPM  Finance Management Solution is capable of recording all order and invoice information for suppliers, vendor, recording invoices and transactions and VAT reports . All the reports, invoices are available in electronic format and your customer can view invoice as soon as they are raised. Get free Finance Management Solution today. 

SMART GYM Management System

Inquiry Management

GYM Inquiry Management system

Simple and easy customer inquiry management system to help you to track all your inquiries and allow to manage and follow-up more efficiently.  With the single click transfer your inquiry to sale.   Captures complete lead information such as contact details, source of inquiry. 

Customer Management

GYM Customer Management System

Simple and easy Search, Add, Edit and manage at the click of a button. Manage membership upgrades, transfers and freezing package.  Create packages to manage Family or corporate membership by linking members to master family. 

Package Management

GYM Package Management System

Simple and easy package management. Create packages as per your plan or special offer. This feature provides an easy access to customers to manage the system with membership package offers and members list based on package.  

Inventory Management

GYM Inventory Management

Simple and easy inventory detail, check hardware cost, expenses and warranty, manage hardware location and transfer, and generate reports for specific inventory within seconds. Warehouse inventory management, at your fingertips. 

HR, Payslip Management

HR and Payslip Management

Simple and easy HR system which allows you to cater to the unique needs of your organization with flexible payroll features plus staff document management with expiry notification.  A task management system with notification and chat. 

Reports and Analytics

Reports and Analytics

Powerful reports help you analyse your income, balances, renewals and more. 

> Package Sale by members

> Package Sale by packages

> Daily Report

> Members Summary

> Sales Report 

ATPM Services

Corporate Profile

ATPM IT Services Corporate Profile

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