ATPM SMART Salon Management System (SSMS) is the simple and easy way to run salon, spa and beauty shop. An incredibly simple app guides teams through their day, step-by-step, from booking service to cashing up. Automatic email and pdf receipt to replace papers, for a safe digital record. Reports & alerts give the business complete visibility and control over efficient operations. And when integrated with POS, area and seats availability.


• Appointment Booking
• Point of Sale (POS)
• Space Management
• Staff Management
• Inventory Management
• Payments Integration
• Mobile App
• Reporting/Analytics
• SMS Notification*
• Email Notification

Close The Deal

• Our SMART Salon Management System allows you to keep track of those daily tasks that can fall through the cracks. Stay on top of duties and will make your life easier, help you achieve long-term profitability and add value. You can effectively managing your inventory with right products in the right quantity on hand and avoid products being out of stock and funds being tied up in excess stock. SSMS becomes the central operational hub for the entire business.

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Best Affordable Plans

SMART Salon Management System (SSMS)

AED18000 /Lifetime

  • SMART Salon Management System an all-in-one solution for appointment scheduling, online booking, client management, marketing and point of sale and more.
  • Pro Lifetime license 18000 AED with all the features.

SMART Simple

ATPM SMART salon management software offer an easier and simpler booking services and checkout experience at your salon/spa. Customize your services view to enable conversational selecting services from your table or client app.

SMART Access

ATPM SMART salon management software streamline communications between your client and business, allowing your staffs to manage their time for efficiently.

SMART Connection

ATPM SMART salon management system, location doesn’t matter! your client can book services for any date and time and reminder will send to client and help you continually satisfy the needs of your clients and keep them coming back again and again.





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